We understand that being a newcomer at a church can be a little overwhelming. At Friendship, we strive to answer as many questions up front so that you will be able to focus on Jesus and worship Him without any distraction as you prayerfully decide if Friendship will become your new church home. 

Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions that newcomers at Friendship ask. If your question is not answered below, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions


What time are your Sunday services?

8:30 Contemporary Worship   |   9:45 Sunday School   |   11:00 Traditional Worship

What style of worship can I expect?

In our 8:30 contemporary worship service, you can expect a friendly, casual atmosphere. In this service you will find dynamic contemporary worship music led by our worship band, and a challenging message from the Word of God by our pastor. 

In our 11:00 traditional worship service, you can expect a friendly, formal service. In this service you will find traditional hymns led by our Minister of Music and our choir, and a challenging message from the Word of God by our pastor. 

What do you have for my kids?

Our goal is to make sure that every person who comes to Friendship, from birth to the grave, have the opportunity maximize their ability to grow spiritually. For this reason, we guarentee that whenever there are activities for adults, there will be activities for kids.  

The vision of our kids ministry is to make sure they know that God loves them while developing social skills and a desire to serve and help those in need. We want to make sure that they realize that the only foundation worth building a life on is the Word of God. 

Also, we take security and safety of your children very seriously. Our check-in/check-out system is set up to make sure that your child can only be checked out by people who are pre-approved to do so. We want to make sure that you can worship and grow in Christ without having to worry about the safety of your children.

What should I wear?

You will see everything from suit coats and ties to jeans and t-shirts. We want you to come as you are! The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming.

What are Friendship Baptist's core beliefs?

By virtue of our membership in the Southern Baptist Convention, we affirm the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message doctrinal statement. Read the BF&M 2000 here: